Promotion- TPM


Our objective: To increase your assets under management

Fund promotion

La Palme Partners is committed to developing your company. We make every effort to obtain conclusive appointments with professional investors in order to present your funds, your management strategy and your company image.



In collaboration with the asset manager, La Palme Partners establishes a marketing strategy:

• Analysis and competitive intelligence: Our analysis takes into account the investment strategy and investment universe, the management company’s objectives and the cost structure.

• Communication tools for distribution: La Palme Partners produces presentation packs and pitches for different strategies.

• Ranking and due diligence: La Palme Partners assists with the funds’ rankings and regularly assists companies in due diligence with investors.

La Palme Partners provides advice and guidance on marketing strategy in order to improve visibility to the companies represented.



To facilitate the marketing of your funds it is important for investors to understand the company's management philosophy and core beliefs. Targeted and precise communication facilitates introductions. La Palme Partners assists in your communication strategy by suggesting:

• A specialised media presence (TV, internet), for interviews and videos (presentations of your funds).

• PR - Campaigns and press relations: La Palme Partners initiates advertising campaigns and organises and manages press relations.



• Sending management reports

• Permanent contact and interviews with clients

• Reports, news alerts and special news

Selection process

• Managers with a unique approach to investment strategy.

• Professional management teams with a high degree of transparency and a well-established track record.

• Alpha-generating investments within niche sectors.

• Managers whose risk is at the heart of their investment discipline: regulatory, financial and human risk.

• Managers who communicate effectively with their investors.

Our added value

• Experience and the transparency of the fund manager selection process enables us to select the most appropriate funds.

• From introduction to the investment phase, our continuous presence is maintained with the management company and the investor.

• Our knowledge of the local market helps us adapt the marketing approach for each fund.

• We assist companies in obtaining regulatory approvals for the distribution of funds.